Titles listed below are examples of subjects which have been prepared by museum curator Johnny Ingram. For a more complete list of this information contact the museum or request details during your visit.

Mr. Ingram has authored a substantial number of poems. The subject matter, cover a number of subjects and provide a sample of his view of the events. The list below, is a sample of this variety; they represent phases of life such  as Youth, Middle Age  and Senior reality. Included in the list are subjects which address the Land Surveying Profession, Living History, Family, Friends and other subjects.

Selected subject may be available when you visit the museum; should you have interest in a special subject let us know when you visit. Copies are available upon request.  


A person needs a hobby, to help make each day.

It seems to take the place, between our work and play.

Collecting keeps one active, it helps fill a need.

But, how do they grow and act like a seed?

Remember the salt & peppers, the one's Grandma had?

The one's she'd share, while sitting on her bed.

Together, she would listen as a young girl dreamed.

Her ear only for you, at least that's how it seemed.

Your memory is clear, it's not really a blur;​

of your time together, for your thoughts of her.

Now that she's gone, you have a high regard;

for things of her's, of what you might discard.

You remember Grandpa, with his pocket knife;  

and the effect it had on a young man's life?

Slowed to a still, on Grandpa's knee he sat;

fascinated, like the first time you met.

All these are memories, of our distant past.

Accumulation may be a way, to help their memory last.

When you start a collection, you have something then;

something to remember, a small part of kin. 

Be that as it may, there's more to account.

why do collections grow? What's this all about?

It may be age, our thoughts not the same.

We want to be remembered and not just by name!

By having a collection, we extend the past.

And if we add to it, our memory may last.

Or the collection, like us; it's growth at first is slow.

But as it get's older, it tends to grow.

Do these thoughts have meaning? It matters not much.

What we leave to others, be it baseball cards or such.

What we really leave is memories, that's all little more;

and when we add a collection, at least it's not a bore.


                                                Johnny Ingram October 2004




YOUTHFUL  ENTHUSIASM                     MIDDLE AGE HOPE                     SENIOR REALITY

               Girls and Cars                                                       Hugs                                                         Reflections    

               Choices                                                                   Lets Talk                                                 Retirement

               Friends                                                                   Tax Process                                            Conversation

               A Scale of Ten                                                       Jury Service                                            When Life is over 

               Fast Cars and Time                                             Sometime                                               Time 

                                                                                                Driving                                                     Fifty

                                                                                                Marriage                                                  Needs of Life 

                                                                                                Companions                                           Life is not a Race            



  LIVING HISTORY                            RELATIONSHIPS                           WORK RELATED

     Small Town USA                                                    Grandparents                                      Work   

     Collections                                                              Kinfolk                                                   Surveying Glossary

     Museums                                                                Love                                                        Surveyors of Early Texas

     Dueling Trains                                                       Man & Woman                                     Texas - U.S. Boundary  

     Your Therapist                                                      Marriage                                                SHS (Surveyors Historical Society)

     Mind and Exercise                                                Two Peas in a Pod                               TSPS (Texas Society of Professional Surveyors)

     Thanks for Your Service                                     Yourself                                                  TGLO (Texas General Land Office)

     Should You Find a Coin                                       Roots                                                       JHS (Jefferson Historical Seminar)


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