Titles listed below are examples of subjects which have been prepared by museum curator Johnny Ingram. For a more complete list of this information contact the museum or request details during your visit.

Mr. Ingram has authored a substantial number of poems. The subject matter, cover a number of subjects and provide a sample of his view of the events. The list below, is a sample of this variety; they represent phases of life such  as Youth, Middle Age  and Senior reality. Included in the list are subjects which address the Land Surveying Profession, Living History, Family, Friends and other subjects.

Selected subjects will be periodically featured on this page. Below is a partial list of subjects we intend to share. Return to the web site and check the "Rhyme Of The Day", subject names are below.   



​​​​​​List of Subjects



​​​Rhyme  of  the  Day

​​​​​​​​​​​​Museum Of Measurement And Time

                        THE MEN OF RUSHMORE
                   On a mountain called Rushmore, we conceived to create;

                   a memorial to Presidents, perhaps those who rate.

                                  The list is long and the process dauntin’;

                  for those, deserving, a place on this mountain.

                 WASHINGTON, was the first, he set precedent;
                 examples still held, by each President.

                JEFFERSON,  pinned words, to guide a young nation;  
                he is worthy, to be part of this creation.

                Then a nation divided by the Mason - Dixon Line;
                LINCOLN, helped guide our nation, through this time.

               Space is limited and it’s statement bold;
               just how many, could it hold?  

              Three are placed,  one more for the last;
              whom would be selected, to complete this task?

              National parks, serve the entire nation;
              T. ROOSEVELT, was our leader during their creation.

                      NOW - PONDER THIS THOUGHT !!!

              Of these leaders, three have a common thread;
              it’s not their age nor how they led.

              It’s an occupation, essential - as a nation we grew;
              perhaps it developed, the values they knew.

              What is this common link, name it we ask;
              it is in the Art of Surveying, they bask.

                         So now you have a story and maybe understand why;
             Mt. Rushmore is really“three surveyors and one other guy”!

                                      Written by Johnny Ingram, Revised March 2019

We now call Jefferson Texas our home.

Since 1980,  we've no reason to roam.

As personal collections continued to grow:

more space was needed,  this we know.

So to a building on Polk Street, we went;

to house the collections and what they meant.

We feature items, from long ago;

and tell stories,   of what we know.

Should your travels,  bring you near;

you need to visit,  since your here.

Time spent with us,  bring memories which last.

We feature displays,  from times long past.

A visit will fill a void and you may learn;

the stories you hear,  is of our concern.

So when you have,  a few minutes to spare;

plan a visit,  just make sure we're there!


                                                    Johnny Ingram, April 2019



YOUTHFUL  ENTHUSIASM              MIDDLE AGE HOPE           SENIOR  REALITY     Girls and Cars                                                       Hugs                                              Reflections   Choices                                                                   Lets Talk                                      Retirement

 Friends                                                                   Tax Process                                            Conversation

 A Scale of Ten                                                       Jury Service                                 When Life is over 

 Fast Cars and Time                                             Some                                                                                 Driving                                                                                                                           Fifty

                                                                                                                     Marriage                                       Needs of Life 

                                                                                  Companions                                Life is not a Race            



   LIVING HISTORY                            RELATIONSHIPS                        WORK RELATED


 Small Town USA                                             Grandparents                                     Work 

Collections                                                       Kinfolk                                              Surveying Glossary

Museums                                                          Love                                       Surveyors of  Early Texas

Dueling Trains                                                 Man & Woman                       Texas - U.S. Boundary  

Your Therapist                                                Marriage                           SHS (Surveyors Historical  Society)

Mind and Exercise                                         Two Peas in a Pod          TSPS (Texas Society of Professional Surveyors)

Thanks for Your Service                Yourself                         TGLO (Texas General Land   Office) 

 Should You Find a Coin                                 Roots                                         JHS (Jefferson Historical Seminar)