​​​​​​​​​​​​Museum Of Measurement And Time

Titles listed below are examples of subjects which have been prepared by museum curator Johnny Ingram. For a more complete list of this information contact the museum or request details during your visit.

Mr. Ingram has authored a substantial number of poems. Subject matter, represents life experiences and experienced events. The range of interest is not limited and includes many subjects. The content of a few

poems may relate to items on display or subjects featured in the museum. Many of the poems relate to periods of life represented by ; Relationships, Youth, Middle and Senior Age. Other examples address the Land Surveying Profession, special events, friends and adult subjects.

Several of these poems are on display at the museum. Copies are available upon request.  



                                       TEXAS  AND  U.S.  BOUNDARY

          The United States on the East and a Republic on the West;

          the line in between was the goal of this quest.

          To mark a boundary for the Republic of Texas;

          by joint commission agreement, this line was the basis.

          From the Gulf of Mexico, along the West side of the Sabine;

          where it crosses the 32nd meridian, begin an overland scene.

          North, 106 miles, through swamps went this line;

          to the Red River, for a left turn sign.

          Markers of earth, with bottles - set up-side-down;

          the mounds measured PI times 5, in feet all around.

          A hundred years later, the Louisiana mounds were gone;

          new markers were set, with a bottle of it's own.

          The states of Arkansas & Louisiana, now border this line;

          both are common to Texas, the line marked by a sign.

          As an International Boundary, this line lay quite and obscure;

          but, it still crosses swamps - of that I am sure.

​                                                            Johnny Ingram, a Texas surveyor, July 2014



               Girls and Cars                                                       Hugs                                                    Reflections    

               Choices                                                                   Lets Talk                                            Retirement

               Friends                                                                    Collections                                        Conversation

               A Scale of Ten                                                       Jury Service                                        Small Town USA

                                                                                                 Sometime                                          Time 

                                                                                                 Driving                                                Fifty

                                                                                                 Marriage                                            Dueling Trains

                                                                                                 Companions                                      Museums          


                                    RELATIONSHIPS                              WORK RELATED

                                                  Grandparents                                                      Work    

                                                  Kinfolk                                                                   Surveying Glossary

                                                  Love                                                                        Surveyors of Early Texas

                                                  Man & Woman                                                     Texas-U.S. Boundary  

                                                  Marriage                                                                SHS (Surveyors Historical Society)

                                                  Two Peas in a Pod                                               TSPS (Texas Society of Professional Surveyors)

                                                  Yourself                                                                 TGLO (Texas General Land Office)

                                                  Roots                                                                      JHS (Jefferson Historical Seminar)