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 Examples in the Museum Clock Collection  

                           ​​                    T I M E

The museum's collection of clocks primarily are American made; however, there are timepieces produced in England, Germany, France and Switzerland on display. Our collection includes timepieces made by most of the American Clock makers. These American clocks represent a period of prosperity in the young country and their production helped foster prosperity and provide the opportunity to expand the American Dream.

As previously outlined, the museum collection started as a personal accumulation. The Ingram’s had adopted the Ingraham Clock Company as the main thrust of their collection. It did not take long to recognize the need to expand that collection. 

We have been active in the effort to provide a greater diversity of American clocks , the museum collection now features in excess of  550 clocks. Our collection representes most of the American Clock Companies and include popular models from each maker. The collection is changing to to match meet public interest. We are pleased to share this collection with our visitors and encourage your input.

Many of the models in the museum's collection have proven to be popular. If you have an idea of how we might change our exhibits or or feature certain clocks, let us know. We suggest a visit to view our collection of grandfather clocks, several are uncommon and unique.