​​​​​​​​​​​​Museum Of Measurement And Time

                           ​​                    T I M E  
The museum's collection of clocks include time pieces from England, Germany, France and other countries; however, the majority of the collection features  American Clocks. These American clocks represent a period of prosperity in the young country and their production helped foster this prosperity and provide the opportunity to expand the American Dream.

As previously outlined, the museum collection started as a personal accumulation. The Ingram’s had adopted the Ingraham Clock Company as the main thrust of their collection. It did not take long to recognize the need to expand that collection to include a greater diversity.

The museum collection now features in excess of 400 clocks. These clocks, representing most of the American Clock makers, include popular models from each maker. The collection has changed to meet public interest. When many visitors asked about  Cookoo Clocks, this interest was met by the acquisition of several examples which are unique. 

The novelty clocks of the museum's collection have proven to be popular. These unusual and odd group of time keepers attract the attention of most visitors. The museum's collection of 'Tall' or grandfather clocks inclued several examples which are rare and unique. 

Museum Collection Samples