​​​​​​The museum collection of surveying tools represent items used in the profession of land surveying from the beginning of land ownership in America. Our exhibits include instruments and tools used to divide the lands as civilization expanded from East to West.

Texas represents an interesting and historical opportunity to tell the story of property ownership. Tools used in this process are displayed along with stories and tales of this process.

Many tools used for establishing property lines are presented in the museum exhibits. Establishment of an International Boundary between the Republic of Texas and the Louisiana Purchases includes the eastern boundary of Marion County and provides an opportunity to exhibits the results and history of this event. Detailed information for this event are included in the museum exhibits.  

Devices used for calculating and the tools used in the preparation of maps are on display. Exhibits feature examples of documents from the period 1700-2000.

The museum has acquired several Solar Instruments and are display. These instruments 

​are considered the center-point of the Surveying Exhibits. Check them out during your visit!


Some of the Items in the Museum Collection

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