This subject and exhibits have been added for display due to the changes and their effect on our lives. The Personal Computer evolved from the IBM 360 & UNIVAC 1108;  these early systems, which were so large they  were housed in climate controlled buildings, to the "Smart Phone" of today. We hope your memory of this evolution raises the question "I remember when".

Computers are now a part of everyday life.  Our exhibits will remind visitors of how

these devices have changed society. The collection includes support equipment and items used as the modern computer developed.  We hope our exhibits will bring back those memories. You lived this period and were present as these items changed our lives - "what does the future look like?" ENJOY!


Not all of the early computing systems are represented "if you have a early system stored in the closet", consider donating it to the museum Share your equipment so others can experience the memory of this period as it developed. 

Our needs are not just in Computer Systems. Should you have any item which "measures, tells time, or was used by a friend or relative; consider donating it to the museum . You can be a part of our goal to share history. 

Be sure to provide a story to go with the item - stories  give life to an exhibit,  the exhibit gives life to the story.   


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