​​​​​​​​​​​​Museum Of Measurement And Time


As a Registered Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor. Johnny’s career offered him the opportunity to apply these trades in many areas of Texas. During the many years he practiced engineering and land surveying, his desire to be proficient in these professions developed into an interest in the history of surveying in America. He used this interest to gather a collection of tools from early periods of this activity. This quest resulted in the gathering the equipment used to establish property boundaries which are exhibited in the museum. 

During the process of studying this history,  a collection of books used in the teaching and study of engineering and surveying was accumulated. The museum library includes books used in the education of surveying, manufacturer’s equipment catalogs, historic journals, literature on famous land boundaries and modern technology.  The museum library is available for review and research; advance arrangements are necessary.

Although in the beginning the museum's collection of measurement was concentrated on the surveying profession, the displays now include many items and devices used to measure.