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​​​​A Few Salt & Pepper Shakers from the Museum Collection

                                             Salt & Pepper Shakers

Our collection of salt & pepper shakers includes approximately 1,500 sets. The exhibits feature sets from each of the States and are grouped for easy viewing. Other sets are arranged to feature the unique designs and range from being practical to whimsical. Examples of various materials, subjects are included. Many examples feature animals, foods, seasonal motifs, popular attractions and include set constructed of every type materal: glass ceramic, metal, wood and even some of unknown composition.

The collection is the product of our interest over many years as well as that of many friends and relatives who had donated from their own collections. Many of our visitors talk of their memories of their family, friends or relatives who have collected similar pieces from their travels. To many these items are popular and provide wonderful memories of the trips on which they were acquired.