Mechanical Music Instruments

Musical Instruments

  • Musical instruments , like other modern devices have gone through many changes. The instruments on exhibit in the museum are just a small part of this change. 

As is the case throughout the museum, these items were built in America. The museum collection is small should you have a device which would improve our collection, consider a donation.

 The collection of Music Instruments features many instruments:  A portable "Concert Organ" used by a 'Traveling Preacher', the "Diamond Edison" record player which plays a record 1/4' thick at 80 rpm and another musical  device that makes music from a metal disc. Request a demonstration!

Much of the museum record collection is not on display. The exhibit does feature an artist born in Jefferson who was famous in the early 1900's.  Marion Slaughter left Jefferson and went to fame as a recording artist in New York. The stage name of two Texas towns , Vernon & Dalhart, were adopted and his fame was set.

Vernon Dalhart provided many songs during a long career. He was the first artist to sell one million copies of a song. The recording " Wreck of the Old 97 / The Prisoner's Song" sold over 6 million copies. The Museum Collection includes approximately 500 Vernon Dalhart records. Request the story of Vernon Dalhart and his recording career and listen to his music.  

On display  are several 78 rpm & cylinder records featuring this home town Musician.  East Texas has produced several persons for the musical field. A visit to Carthage and it's Music Hall of Fame should be on your list. 

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