You are invited to visit The Museum of Measurement and Time. Located in East Texas; Jefferson, Texas is on U.S. Highway 59, 17 miles north of Marshall, Texas. Located between Interstate Highways 20 & 30, Jefferson is known as “the Bed & Breakfast Capitol of Texas”.

 Jefferson  earned it's place in history through acts of nature which provided water access from the Gulf of Mexico along the Red River.  Over a long period of time the seasonal flows of the river caused its banks to erode, causing trees to fall into the waters and create blockages in the river flow.  When the flow of water was diverted  by these blockages (called RAFTS)  the water level of adjacent waterways was increased.  This increased depth provided waterways wide enough to allow navigation for Steam Boats, providing their routes to Jefferson.  

Water transportation provided a "Port of Entry" into the interior of Texas. Thus the history of Jefferson was created.  Continuing this theme The Museum Of Measurement and Time provides a forum to view and study items which have been the "stepping stones" for progress.  Our exhibits provide examples to review the past and understand how civilization has progressed. The museum's collection of maps, calculating devices, measuring tools, mechanical music instruments, telephone systems & computers indicate a few of the major changes in technology. The collection of American Clocks and Salt & Pepper Shakers provide examples of the past and bring back pleasant memories..

Items in the museum began as a personal collection. When it was time to determine the future of this collection, the Ingram's chose to share them with the public. Visitors are encouraged to include a visit to the museum during their visit to Jefferson.

While the items in the museum began as a personal collection; the collection has been converted to serve the interest of tourists. The collection now represents an educational opportunity of unusual diversification.


Museum Operating hours 

Thursday thru Saturday 10:00 - 5:00 

​Sunday 1:00 - 5:00

Contact the museum for special visitation arrangements

 Meanwhile, the museum operates as a Texas non-profit corporation, we are privately owned by Johnny and Edith Ingram. We accept donations, either in cash or property, all items donated or placed on loan to the museum include documentation which describes the agreement between the museum and the person(s) making the donation or loan. These papers are retained as part of the permanent records of the museum. 

Museum funds are not available to purchase items;  therefore, your donations and loans are encouraged.  If you have any items which you feel will improve the museum's effort to display our past and keep it's history alive; you are encouraged to offer it's service. 

Any item(s) considered to provide a link to the goals of the museum will be considered.  Item(s) are subject to acceptance by the museum Board of Directors.  Please contact the museum should you have item(s) which represent the period 1700-2000. Assist the museum achieve it's mission to honor the workmanship from this period of time. 

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