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Museum Operating hours 

Thursday thru Saturday 10:00 - 5:00 

​Sunday 1:00 - 5:00

Contact the museum for special visitation arrangements

The museum was approved in 2010 as a tax exempt organization, this approval was revoked by the IRS pending the submittal of missing paperwork.  The Museum Board of Directors have agreed to resubmit this paperwork and it is expected that the museum will be reinstated as a tax exempt 501(c) organization in the near future. Meanwhile, the museum continues to operate as a non-profit organization under the laws of the State of Texas.

All items donated or placed on loan to the museum include documentation which describes the agreement between the museum and the person(s) making the donation or loan. These papers are retained as part of the permanent records of the museum. 

Museum funds are not available to purchase items; however, donations and/or loans are encouraged.

 Any item(s) which are considered significant to the goals of the museum will be considered.  Item(s) considered for inclusion into the museum exhibits are subject to acceptance by the museum Board of Directors.  Please contact the museum should you have item(s) which represent the period 1700-1900. Assist the museum achieve it's mission to honor the workmanship this period of time. 


The Museum of Measurement and Time
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Telephone:  903-665-6668
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