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 Johnny & Edith Ingram

Fifty Year

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​​​​​​​​​​​                                                   HISTORY 

​You are invited to visit The Museum of Measurement and Time.    Located in Jefferson, Texas at 301 North Polk Street, we welcome you. Jefferson is located on U.S. Highway 59, 17 miles north of Marshall, Texas; about halfway between Interstate Highways 20 & 30. This East Texas is historic and is known as “the Bed & Breakfast Capitol of Texas”.

A visit to East Texas  is  a step back to early Texas history. Jefferson is one of the oldest towns in Texas and was the port of entry for persons traveling to the west. The Museum features a large collection of American horology & Clocks. Tools used to survey and divide the land. Devices which measure such as scales, barometers & various meters. Also provided for your enjoyment is a substantial collection of salt & pepper shakers. 

The exhibits of the museum are representative of the period 1700-1900. These items began as the personal collection of Johnny & Edith Ingram. The Ingram’s are True Texans, raised in west Texas they have lived in Jefferson since the early 1980's. When the decision was made to share their collections with the public; the tourist destination of Jefferson was the ideal venue for them to repay their “adopted home town.”

The museum has been in operation since 2010. Our exhibits are in continuing change. Recent additions are Early Music Devices, Telephone Systems and Computers  There are many new items, so a repeat visit will provide a new view.​ 


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